2011 Travel:

January 15: Southside Stomp – Norfolk, VA (teaching with Abigail Browning)

February 5: Balboa Crash Course in Philadelphia (teaching with Nelle Cherry)

February 25-27: Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout- Denver, CO (teaching with Patricia Brodeur)

March 11-13: Tiny Balboa Fest – Grenoble, France (teaching with Nelle Cherry)

March 18-20: Berlin Balboa Weekend- Berlin, Germany (teaching with Nelle Cherry)

April 15-17: DCLX – Washington, DC (attending)

May 14: PSDS Workshop in Winston-Salem, NC (teaching with Abigail Browning)

June 10-12: All Balboa Weekend– Cleveland, OH (teaching with Nelle Cherry)

July 8-10: Twin Cities Balboa Fest – Minneapolis, MN (teaching with Patricia Brodeur)

August 26-28: ILHC– Washington, DC (competing/dancing)

Sept 2-4: Swiss Balboa Weekend- Zurich, Switzerland (teaching with Nelle Cherry)

Nov 3-6: Eastern Balboa Championships – Raleigh, NC (teaching with Nelle Cherry)

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